Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

I remembered sometime ago, a comment was made asking - " how do you break up the pu-erh for brewing"? Well, luckily while meandering through the net searching for unrelated pu-erh information I had came across these great informative pics! Hope you enjoy them!

Breaking up a Beeng

Gently insert the point of the knife with care.

Continue adding pressure carefully

Lift the separated layer gently to weaken the the leaves further

Continue finding and dislogding the weakened leaves

Nice pieces for brewing

Breaking Up Tuocha

Insert the pick inside the bowl as it is the weakest part

Continue to gently dislodge the leaves

When you feel that you have weakened a segment of the toucha from the inside, now do the same from the outide in order to further weaken a segment of the toucha.


Breaking up Zhuancha "Brick Tea"

Start from a the short-side corner

Further insert the knife until you have separated a piece suitable for brewing

Lift gently until the piece breaks off


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Mary R said...

Having fun with layout, I see. I like the new colors, but the spacing seems off. It's probably my browser, though. Safari sometimes does wonky things.

Thanks for posting these pictures, I've been pondering how one goes about breaking up the different puerh forms.

Bill said...

Hi Mary

Yeah, I am experimenting a bit with the layouts. Didn't know anything about HTML until the begining of this week. I found a tutorial on the web. Not bad huh for my first attempts. Yeah I know about it not setting right. Looks just fine on my home computer. However, my work computer is a different story. I'm glad that you enjoyed the pics! I liked them as well.


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