Thursday, March 8, 2007

The Living Tea

The young pu-erh needs to be nurtured and cared for. Its youthful essence can challenge the soul. It will shout and demand your attention, testing your limits with its adolescent bitterness. However, with patients and understanding it will ask you for forgiveness and make you smile with its floral and honey notes.

The mature pu-erh will show its well deserved complexity. Its notes which were once reminiscent of meadow grass, the orchids of spring, and the brassiness of youth are now replaced with a sincere and mature woodiness. Now strong and bold with the urge to make a statement; it is proud to be known as refined.

The antique pu-erh has battled many seasons and has absorbed the winds of its circumstances. As the victor in the challenge of time, it displays its aged leaves from a generation gone with honor and grace. It has grown into twilight with no complaints, and nothing more to prove. It is joyful to tell you where it has been and the lives it has touched. A story of wisdom in every sip.


Salsero said...

Sometimes poetry informs more completely than does science. Thanks for the post, pictures as well as words.

Bill said...

Thank you Salsero!

Mary R said...

Poetry informing more than Science? NEVER! :)

It's a lovely post and indeed poetic. I love the pictures. Did you take them?

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