Thursday, May 10, 2007

Playing Around

Well, I am working on a couple of reviews, however, finals week is taking up most of my time. But rest assure they will be posted soon. I just finished a gongfu session and had noticed that the sunlight was comming through my patio doors and decided to take a couple of pics and see how much sunlight really hightens a shot. I noticed that Tea Logic and a few others use the sun quite often to make their pictures look beautiful. Well, here is my effort. I know i'm not a pro, but I thought they looked cool and decided to share them with you. Notice how the sun made my cup of shupu a burnt orange. Lovely!


Mary R said...

oooh! Drama photos! I like!

It's insane how good sunlight can really make a picture.

謏 約翰 said...

Very enjoyable post, great pictures. Your Minnesota, winters should provide dramatic lighting and setting for outdoors "Kung Fu Cha" :) .. john

Bill said...

Thank you for your compliments! Yes, the sun is like actor's make-up for pictures. John, I think the MN winters would be ok to take take pictures of Kung fu cha, but only after the fact. It would be really hard to keep your tea warm with -60F! Ouch!

vl. said...

Nice pictures!

I think, to a certain extent, it is difficult to take good pictures of anything without natural sunlight, unless you use some special lamps...


Hobbes said...


They are good pictures indeed - good job, sir.


I'm ashamed to say that we actually have a small lamp next to our tea-table for that very purpose.



~ Phyll said...

Nice shots, Bill!