Thursday, May 31, 2007

TEACUPPA Extravaganza Part II

This is the second part of my excursion into the unknown pu-erhs that were sent to me. Needless to say, they were again labeled with an alphabet letter. Here are my notes and identification guesses.

Sample (D) Identified as China Brand Blue Mark

I have a few beengs of CNNP KunMing Factory Blue Mark, and I was hoping it would taste the same. However, there was no resemblance.

Aroma - The aroma was fair. It had thin floral-honey notes, which were wrapped in hay and cooked pumpkin.

Taste - The taste was slightly floral, heavy metallic notes with a slightly pond finish. It lacks acidity with virtually no awakening of the taste buds. It did have a nice viscosity however.

Color -
It had a pleasant hue, but unfortunately not very clear.

Overall Impression - I did not enjoy this sample. I did like the aroma some, however, it lacked in impact and was a bit too brassy for me with its unclean after taste.

Sample (E)Identified as Jiang Chen Ye Sheng

The leaves were a longer and thin than that of the other 2. I have personally never heard of this particular pu-erh, (assuming I am guessing correctly), however the leaves do resemble a few that I have tasted before.

Aroma - It's aroma was somewhat flimsy with a light airy floral note, wrapped in pronounced oxidation and grass.

Taste - The taste was not very inviting. It had a pungent mushroom taste with little to no acidity. Quite bland actually. However, it subsequent brews were a bit more tolerable.

Liquor - Was lightly cloudy at first but cleared in subsequent infusions.

Liquor - It's liquor was cleaner than Sample E.

Overall Impression - It was was tolerable and better than the previous sample. I would not recommend this beeng as IMHO there are many better quality beengs out on the market.

Sample (F) Identified as Simao Ye Sheng

My first initial impression was that it looked like a slightly aged example. Perhaps, 3-4 years old. I couldn't be certain as I did not have the wrapping.

Aroma - It had pleasant hints of hay, honey, and fruit. Ocassionally, I would take in a slight pond.

Taste - Nice balance between the sweetness and bitterness. Slight vegetal with a fickle hint of fruit. It had a nice lingering after taste with a nice viscosity. Descent.

Liquor - Finally a clear example. It was a nice gold with a slightly aged ting.

Overall Impression - I did like this beeng. I believe that it has potential as the indicators were there. Nice.

Conclusion - It was a nice tasting contest. I had fun! Unfortunately, the samples, for the most, part were not very exciting. In general, I felt that they were inferior, although the samlple that I identified as (f) was promising. I would not personally spend money on these as there are many 2nd tier manufactures that would run circles around these.

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Brent said...

We may have made the same conclusions about the identity of these teas, but I just guessed blindly, while you actually put some thought into it. :)

Anyway, it was nice reading your notes, as usual!

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