Sunday, April 8, 2007

2006 NanQiao 753 Qi Zi Beeng Cha

Product Research

The NanQiao Tea Factory located in MengHai County was only established in 2004, but has already generated buzz in the pu-erh drinking community when its 753 won a gold medal in the green cake competition at the First Annual Pu-erh Tea Quality Assessment and Shopping Festival (Best Chinese to English translation) in Guangzhou China.

The NanQiao 753 Qi Zi Beeng Cha is by the local villagers utilizing old tree leaves and traditional methods under the supervision of Chairman Tang Jie of the "High Tea" Division of the NanQiao Tea Factory.

Initial Impression

As, I only examined a sample, I am unable to describe the entire beeng structure. However, with the 50g sample that I was able to inspect, the leaves had a lovely floral scent with virtually no smoke. It was easy to see from the pieces that the beeng was not heavily compressed and composed of bud and broad type leaves.

Brewing Parameters

Source -

Water-Bottled spring water. Source of water - Frontier Springs, PA

Amount – 5g

Water Temp - Boil then cooled for 3 breaths

Brewing Method - Gongfu

Brewing Vessle - Yixing Teapot 150ml

Infusion times

First Infusion

Aroma - Slight Vegetable, muted smoke and a hint of honey. Floral and menthol as it cools.

Taste - Very sweet; slight bitterness in the back of the tongue; a hint of rubber. Silky mouth feeling.

Second Infusion

Aroma - The slight smoke is now totally gone, and unfortunately so is the menthol. On the upside, there seems to be a more pronounced honey. Very pleasing for a beeng so economically priced.

Taste - No increase in bitterness. Frankly, not even noticable when compared to other young beengs. Very very mellow for being so young. Just a flutter of rubber with a cooling fruit end note. Nice viscosity.

Third Infusion

Aroma - Still a very nice fruit that gets over powered with honey as it cools. Extremely pleasant!

Taste - Just a tease of honey which is suprising considering the aroma is honey laden. Still silky-sweet finish that lingers quite well.

Liquor Differential

First Infusion

Eighth Infusion

The liquor was very clear throughout the session with beautiful hues of yellow. As you can see there was very little change in color from the first to the eighth infusion.

Spent Leaves

As state previously, the leaves were a blend of bud and broad type leaves. There seems to be some slight foliage bruising on few of the leaves, however, it did not affect the flavor.

Overall Impression

Strong Points

I was very suprised with this particular beeng. It compared well with other beengs much higher in price. It is an economcial choice for everyday drinking for those who like to drink pu-erh in its greener state as it provides a satisfying and durable brew having gone eight rounds before ultimately cashing out.

Low Points

Its level of bitterness could be of a concern in terms for its aging potential. Most collectors will agree that a certain level of bitterness must be present for proper aging and future complexity. In addition, leaf quaility may further be a factor in the aging process.

Although there are leaf deficiencies, the liquor flavors and aromas surely made up for it. All in all, you can't really beat the quality for the price.


Salsero said...

Boy, you must have been the first in line to buy this one, as I see they only added it to their catalog in February!

It certainly sounds like something worth considering for -- as you say -- everyday drinking.

Do you use the pictured pot for a particular kind of puerh? I noticed you used a different pot in the last review, also of a sheng. And ... more lovely trays for your sniffing and tasting cups, this time in porcelain. Do you remember where you got the porcelain trays?

Thanks for the post. I don't remember seeing anything about NanQiao before.

Bill said...

Hey Sal,

I was actually not first in line. They actually had this beeng for sale but sold in in a few weeks before I was able to sample it. However, as you can see they had just recieved a new shipment in. from China. I think that this beeng is considerably worth you attention. Being a fairly new company, they are providing products at a fairly reasonable price. However, as you know, the market is quite fickle and could increase at a whims notice.

Awh! You noticed my tasting cups and pot. I actually got these particular sets from Dragon Tea House an Ebay vendor. The YiXing pot which you were kind enough to have commented is the pot that I have dedicated to young sheng as it is quite lite and thin and as a result doesn't insulate heat very well. Overheating will release more tannins! Gross!

小 約翰 said...

Bill, thx for sharing the info.
Looks like the world of Pu-erh appreciation is growing.
FYI .. my blog just getting started:

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