Sunday, April 15, 2007

For you Gaiwan Users Out There

Since some you tea lovers had found interest in the YiXing videos, I thought it would be nice to post a gaiwan video showing A Chinese minority woman making mao cha. Notice the traditional dress. Enjoy!


Salsero said...

Well, this technique seems to bear no resemblance to my use of the gaiwan. Am I seeing correctly? It appears to me that she fills the gaiwan pretty much to the top with mao cha, does a flash rinse, and then mixes three flash brews in a serving pitcher and dispenses a large amount of tea from there into serving cups.

Brent said...

Interesting! Yes, definitely different from how I use a gaiwan, but I assume she is mixing the infusions for efficiency, since it looks like she has to serve a lot of people! Good find.

Bill said...

I thought that this video would raise some attention. Her technique is interesting. I would have to agree with Brent that it is possibly done for efficiency. However, I also thought that maybe she flash infuses because the mao cha may be extremely bitter and young. Your guess is as good as mine. I do have other gongfu videos, however, I am not able to show them as some of the vids are 30 minutes or so.

Mary R said...

It bears no resemblance to my gaiwan technique either...but mine consists more of lid fumblings and ample curse words. She does make it look very expedient and graceful, though.

I like the idea of mixing infusions. I suppose it would ruin learning how a tea progresses but it might allow you to gain insight as to the general character.

More gongfu, says I! :)