Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Need the right Equipment

Lin's Ceramic Studio 500cc pot and adjustable burner

Ahhh! New in the box

Here are my new acquisitions to my tea ware collection

One thing about Lin's is that they have superb packaging. Touch of class in a custom storage box.


Well, everything is here. Brochures and "how-to's" Even threw in a jet flame lighter whoohoo!

Wickless adjustable burner

I love these things, they actually let you control the heat from simmer to boiling. Great! Best of all no more cotton wicks to replace.

Clay Kettle

What makes Lin's great is that they are known for elegance and for quality in their designs. One of their claims is that they use a secret formula in their clay which reacts to the minerals in the water improving its quality.

Put all together

My new old Yixng Pot

Custom Made Wood and Silk Box

Pot nestled snugly. Wish I could get that comfortable!

The Pot

Old Zhuni Shuipin Pot 100cc Chop Mark "Jing Xi Hui Nan Meng Chen"

Nice Zhuni pot. Perfect size for drinking alone. Age - Circa Late Ming Guo making it well over forty years old. Acquired from Life of Tea


Bret said...

Congratulations, nice stuff.

Bill said...

Thanks Bret! I am really enjoying them!

Bret said...

Decadent presentation, and to think I was overjoyed at my salvation army find. A Japanese teapot.

Lewis said...

Nice kettle. I was tempted by its small size, but alas, I'm expecting the 1700 ml Purion any day now.

Renegade said...

Incredible kettle! Mind if I inquire how much it cost? I couldn't seem to find any info on their website.



Anonymous said...

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